Mixcast 22.8 - Gets Heavy

August's playlist is our annual Workout genre playlist.

With new music from: Diplo, Armin van Buuren, Audien, Morgan Page & more.

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1. Out Of The Dark (Morgin Madison Remix) - Tritonal
2. Walk Down (Paul Arcane Remix) - Kyau & Albert
3. Alive - Gryffin
4. One Last Dance (Sound Quelle Remix) - Audien
5. Alive - Nomra
6. Fluor - Kudus
7. One Night Away - ARTY
8. Sweet Illusion - Morgan Page
9. Don't Forget My Love - Diplo
10. Keep Your Light On - AK
11. Escape - Kx5
12. Antibodies (LP Giobbi Remix) - Tensnake
13. One More Time - Armin van Buuren
14. Need You There - M-22
15. Oblivion (Austin Pettit Remix) - Stan Kolev
16. Talk - Louis The Child
17. A Big Life (Club Mix) - Farius
18. Midnight - Andrew Bayer
19. Big Skies, Silly Faces (Roosevelt Remix) - Orlando Weeks

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