Mixcast 17.1 – An Ending

January's playlist is a Wellness Genre Playlist. With music from: Leslie Jones, Brian Eno, Goldmund, Floating Lights, Marconi Union & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. An Ending (Ascent) - Brian Eno
2. Warm Darkness - Mia Strass
3. Silent Shimmer - Sublime Harmonics
4. Haze Layers - The Green Kingdom
5. Floating Way - Relaxing With Sounds of Nature
6. A Lovely Place to Be - Patrick O'Hearn
7. Secret Zen - Zen Music Garden
8. Threnody - Goldmund
9. Brothers - Enzo
10. De Macata - Floating Lights
11. Weightless - Marconi Union
12. Awakening - Otto Wahl
13. Beauty - Vincente M
14. Fireflies - Leslie Jones
15. Yes/No (Sanctuary Mix) - Teo Lounge
16. Now Is The Time To Leave - August Wilhelmsson
17. Me and the Night - Sublime Harmonics

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