Trackcast Monthly - April 2021

Our picks for best new Indie Rock releases this month. Includes new music from: Daya, Foxes, Ben Platt, Kaleo, Manchester Orchestra, Wingtip & more!

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1. 15 Minutes - Julian Lamadrid
2. So What (feat. A R I Z O N A) - Louis The Child
3. keep going - Bay Ledges
4. Body - Elderbrook
5. Dance - Foxes
6. Starting Over - The Shadowboxers
7. Hey Gringo - KALEO
8. Golden - Claptone
9. Peanut Butter - Porsh Bet$
10. Long Way Down - Joshua Speers
12. What's Wrong - half•alive
13. Hope They Love You - Wingtip
14. Spilled My Coffee (feat. Rxseboy & Jack Cullen) - Snøw
15. Everyone But Me - Tep No
16. Coffee - Ai Bendr
17. Telepath - Manchester Orchestra
18. amsterdam - Emma Bale
19. Cadillac Dreams - Peter Fenn
20. Montana - Daya
21. imagine - Ben Platt
22. Light That Shines Through - Emmit Fenn
23. One Day - Live - ViVii
24. Second Base - Forrest Nolan
25. Space - AUDREY NUNA
26. We Got Struck by Lightning - Raasay Sessions - Stu Larsen

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