Mixcast 11.11 – Arctic Chill

November's playlist is a Chillout Genre Playlist. With music from: Daft Punk, Bonobo, Pretty Lights, RJD2, Groove Armada & more!

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One of my favorite genres of music is downtempo. I love putting it on when I’m reading or having a mellow evening at home. I think the genre may have peaked several years ago, but here are some of my recent favorite discoveries.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Deltitnu – Aydio
2. Without You – B&B
3. Make Love – Daft Punk
4. Kong – Bonobo
5. Feel Good – Blank & Jones
6. Finally Moving – Pretty Lights
7. Ghostwriter – RJD2
8. I Walk Alone – Billa Qause
9. Fill Your Eyes – Pretty Lights
10. History (M3 & Bachelors of Science Remix) – Groove Armada
11. White Sand (Chill Out Mix) – Sunlounger
12. The Return – Rithma
13. Archenova – Superchrome
14. Desert Road – Justin Adams
15. Definition – Kruder & Dorfmeister
16. Waterflo – Ljones
17. Crush – Metaform

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