Trackcast Monthly - August 2020

Our picks for best new Indie Rock releases this month. Includes new music from: Bahamas, Father John Misty, Banners, Washed Out, LANY & more!

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1. Tuesday - NEIL FRANCES
2. What You Won't Do for Love - Monte Remix - Blank & Jones
3. Too Late - Washed Out
4. buzz cut - lovelytheband
5. Tsunami - Jones Meadow
6. Just a Phase - Two Another
7. I Feel Like Dancing - The Night Game
8. Are We Having Any Fun Yet? - ayokay Remix - Larkins
9. Falling - The Lagoons
10. Strawberry Sunscreen - Lostboycrow
11. Chasing A Feeling - LÉON
12. you! - LANY
13. Bodies - The Knocks
14. Safe - BANNERS
15. Hey Love - filous
16. Own Alone - Bahamas
17. Lie - Sasha Alex Sloan
18. is your bedroom ceiling bored? (feat. Cavetown) - Sody
19. Shelter - FINNEAS
20. A Light On In The Dark - Darlingside
21. To S. - Father John Misty
22. Thinking 'Bout Love - Acoustic - Wild Rivers
23. Cold Hands - Acoustic Version - Arctic Lake

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