Trackcast Monthly - August 2021

Our picks for best new Indie Rock releases this month. Includes new music from: Amos Lee, José González, The Wombats, Blake Rose, Geographer & more!

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1. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT - morgxn
2. If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming with You - The Wombats
3. One Night - Griff
4. All This Space - Stephen Day
5. Casanova - Blake Rose
6. Delfino (Feel This Way) - Pretty Boy Aaron
7. Wish You Did - Jonah Kagen
8. What A Damn Shame - Adam Melchor
9. By My Side - EVAN GIIA
10. I Just Love You - Roo Panes
11. Rise - EMBRZ
12. Never Let You Down - Geographer
14. Swing - José González
15. Hangin Up - Lonely in the Rain
16. Watching - BabyJake
17. Sink - Yoste
18. Animal - Noah Kahan
19. You Can Have It - Chelsea Cutler
20. I Miss You - EBEN
21. Jump - Two Another
22. Worry No More - Amos Lee
23. Thirteen - Joshua Speers
24. I Won't Cry - Charley Crockett
25. Movement & Time - Raasay Sessions - Stu Larsen
26. Feeling Minnesota - Gavin Luke

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