Mixcast 22.9 - Be Alright

September's playlist is our annual Mellow genre playlist.

With new music from: Mou, Sadie Hawkins, Mills, The Hip Abduction & more.

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1. We'll Be Alright - The Hip Abduction
2. Wild Girl - Francisco Martin
3. Hopelessness of Love - Waiting for Smith
4. Cabriolet - Mar Malade
5. Free - Gabriel Benedek
6. People I'll Never Meet - Aaron Percy
7. Someday - Two Another
8. Flowers on the Freeway - Cody Lovaas
9. Good Things Never Last - Luke Gittins
10. Medicate - Mou
11. Hangin Up - Lonely in the Rain
12. Jump - Two Another
13. In the Dark - Sadie Hawkins
14. Daydreamer - The Dunwells
15. Where the Sun Goes Down - Portair
16. Even If It’s Lonely - Hazlett
17. Dial Tones - The Lagoons
18. No Trouble - Houses
19. I'm Not Your Lover - Leif Vollebekk
20. All Good - Garrett Kato
21. The Simple Song - Wylen
22. Hollow - Mills
23. Sunday Morning - Jordy Maxwell
24. Benedictus - SAILR

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