Mixcast 11.3 – Bellhop Soul

March's playlist is a Trip-Hop Genre Playlist. With music from: Vitamin D, Fiji, Chd, Green Street, Amerigo Gazaway & more!

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Elevator music. You come across it all the time and it’s always bad. I don’t think I’ve ever been on an elevator where I’ve wanted to find out what song was playing. If I was a bellhop at a hip hotel, this is the kind of soulful music that I would play in my elevators.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. The Music – JK Soul
2. Got Soul – Krystian Shek
3. My Pool – UDM Project
4. It’s Just A Game – JK Soul
5. The Madhatter – Amerigo Gazaway
6. Scotch On The Rocks – Green Street
7. The Dream Catcher – JK Soul
8. Fiesta – 80’s Casual
9. Keep Walking – Green Street
10. Mind Or Feelings – FiJi
11. Soothe You – DJ Buzzword
12. Chilling In The Land Of Make Believe – Vitamin D
13. Green Glass Jazz – CHD
14. Spinin’ Around – JK Soul
15. Supa Soul – Green Street
16. Down With The Discount – Vitamin D
17. Cafe – Gofrilab
18. Thankyou – Pstgrd
19. Arms – DJ Buzzword
20. Galactic Vibez – JK Soul
21. Time Out (Green Street Remix) – Vitamin D

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