Mixcast 20.8 – Bring It

August's playlist is a Summer Genre Playlist. With music from: RUSL, Nora En Pure, Lane 8, Satin Jackets, Jerro & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Little Lonely - Alex Hook
2. Level - Jones Meadow
3. Old Friends - Luke Coulson
4. Pantheon - Jerro
5. Kochi - Sultan + Shepard
6. White Flowers - Tom Demac
7. Onward Only - David Hohme
8. And If... - Sultan + Shepard
9. Anything 4 U - RUSL
10. Sunday Song - Lane 8
11. My Love - Tom Tones
12. Birthright - Nora En Pure
13. I Loved U - Gvonni
14. The Fool - Jerro
15. Meridian Getaway - Satin Jackets
16. Ran - Jones Meadow
17. Daydreams (Felon Remix) - ARTy
18. Alright - Clément Leroux
19. Forget - Karnaval Blues
20. Fever - Joachim Pastor

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