Mixcast 14.4 – Bust Free

April's playlist is a Trip-Hop Genre Playlist. With music from: Vitamin D, Green Street, Blue in Green, mister T, Mojo Rising & more!

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A few years ago I posted a mix of songs from the Cold Busted label. I figured it was worth checking back in to see if they were still putting out great trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, downtempo, and funky sounds. Verdict? Most definitely.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Inner Struggle – Akshin Alizadeh
2. Papa Was A Funky Soul – mister T.
3. Feel This Song – Funky Destination
4. Tears Might Fall – Green Street
5. But I Do – Poldoore
6. Like I Usually Do – Q Funktion
7. Funky Shit – LoopMaffia
8. Last Track – Vitamin D
9. Showtime – Pstgrd
10. Say To You – Wanblake
11. Feel Good – Kid Vibe
12. 2 People – Astro Raph
13. Morning Vibes – Blue In Green
14. Good Bobby – 1st Lieutenant Middle St.
15. Flangareens – Bahia Deluxe
16. Fur V – Liberty Klaud
17. A Chill Breeze – Jenova 7
18. Down On 26th Street – Sixfingerz
19. Flowers – Singularis
20. Watcha Doin – Mojo Rising

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