Mixcast 10.8 – Change Happens

August's playlist is an Indie Rock Genre Playlist. With music from: Doppelganger, Hugo, La Roux, Fleet Foxes, Local Natives & more!

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Change is inevitable, especially this time of year. I’ll be listening to these songs as the world spins madly on.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Always the Same – The Autumn Film
2. Stone in My Heart – Graffiti 6
3. Bulletproof (Acoustic Version) – La Roux
4. Bone Dry – A B & The Sea
5. Summer Eyes – Tyler Lefebvre
6. Swimming – Florence & The Machine
7. Stare Into the Sun – Graffiti 6
8. Living in Colour – Frightened Rabbit
9. Point Me at Lost Lands – Tired Pony
10. Don’t Say Oh Well – Grouplove
11. Breaks My Head – Doppelganger
12. Make It Better – The Knocks
13. Bread & Butter – Hugo
14. Hustle – Tunng
15. Secretly – The William Blakes
16. Heats – Kamp!
17. Jaws – Macnaught
18. Go Do – Jónsi
19. Graceland (Paul Simon Cover) – The Tallest Man on Earth
20. Mykonos – Fleet Foxes
21. We Did It When We Were Young – The Gaslight Anthem
22. Who Knows Who Cares – Local Natives
23. The Wild Hunt – The Tallest Man on Earth

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