Mixcast 5.12 – Chilled Deliquesce

December's playlist is a Chillout Genre Playlist. With music from: Parov Stelar, Amon Tobin, Blue Boy, Ulrich Schnauss, Nitin Sawhney & more!

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del-i-quesce [del-i-kwes] – verb1. to disappear as if by melting

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Etoile – Cantoma
2. Cafe de Flore – Doctor Rockit
3. Pont Des Arts – St. Germain
4. Quiet Storm – Rollercone
5. Mañana (Afterlife Remix) – Christophe Goze
6. Escrávos de Jô [Robust Horns Mix] – Joaquin Claussell
7. Bridge – Amon Tobin
8. Limber – S-Tone Inc.
9. Nostalgia – Nitin Sawhney
10. Remember Me – Blue Boy
11. Gonna Be (Ben Human Remix) – Mo’ Horizons
12. Le Triangle – Rinocerose
13. Liberation Front – Thievery Corporation
14. On My Own – Ulrich Schnauss
15. Kiss Kiss – Parov Stelar
16. Dream Machine (Downtempo Mix) – Mark Farina & Sean Hayes
17. Think Twice – Ralph Myers & The Jack Herren Band

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