Mixcast 14.3 – Come On

March's playlist is a Chillout Genre Playlist. With music from: Living Room, Bonobo, Thievery Corporation, Shakedown, Spiller & more!

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Hotels often offer guests various items for in-room purchase. I’m surprised you don’t come across more CDs or USB sticks with curated playlists for sale. If a hotel were to contract me for playlist creation, this would be one of my offerings. This one’s on the house, enjoy.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Take My Hand – Trinah
2. Love Is – The Shiffers
3. Nobody Loves You – Honeyroot
4. The Keeper – Bonobo
5. Ain’t No Sunshine – Jazzamor
6. No Ordinary Love – Sweet Coffee
7. I Love You – Blank & Jones
8. In The Mood For Love – S-Tone Inc.
9. Dance Naked Under Palm Trees – Mo’ Horizons
10. La Femme Parallel – Thievery Corporation
11. At Night (Afterlife Remix) – Shakedown
12. Cry Baby (Röyksopp Remix) – Spiller
13. Nuits Blanches – Blank & Jones
14. Deep Breath – Living Room
15. Around Me – Marga Sol
16. Just So – Obel
17. Morning – Azymuth
18. Chillin In Your Arms – Chubbanak Club

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