Mixcast 21.4 - Damned If

April's playlist is a Blues Genre Playlist. With music from: Samantha Fish, Robert Randolph, Tora, Marcus King, Million Miles & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Lightning Strike - Bones Owens
2. Get Yourself Some - The Allergies
3. Thinking 'Bout Myself - Josh Teskey
4. Give Me Time - Philip Sayce
5. All True Man - Big Head Todd and The Monsters
6. The Other Side - Cedric Burnside
7. One More Wish - Black Pool
8. Ain't Gotta Worry Child - Charley Crockett
9. Ice Cream & Cigarettes - Million Miles
10. Something With Feel - Josh Teskey
11. Let's Have Some Fun - Samantha Fish
12. Sober - Earl St. Clair
13. One More Drink - TORA
14. Quarter On The Ground - Matt Andersen
15. Simple Man - Robert Randolph
16. Rock & Roll - Christone Ingram
17. I Won't Bitch - Brianna Harness
18. Blood Wolf Moon Blues - Peter Bernstein
19. Last Forever - Shanice Green
20. Push The Blues Away - Josh Teskey
21. Beautiful Stranger - Marcus King

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