Trackcast Monthly - December 2021

Our picks for best new Indie Rock releases this month. Includes new music from: Big Time Rush, LÉON, Old Crow Medicine Show, Luca, Hippo Campus & more!

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1. 24 - LP Giobbi
2. crashing down - Arlie
3. Gods of LA - La Felix
4. Semi Pro - Hippo Campus
5. Touch - Dubdogz Remix - Big Wild
6. Call It Like I See It - Big Time Rush
7. Paint This Town - Old Crow Medicine Show
8. Adored - Nissim Black
9. GROWING UP IS _____ - Ruel
10. Night Shifts - Jones Meadow
11. Addicted - Nikonn
12. Someone - Geographer
13. Ice Rink - Dounia
14. The Hill - Godford
15. Powerlines - Jones Meadow
16. Fade Into A Dream - LÉON
17. Juno - Blank & Jones
18. Linger - Josi Miller
19. best friends - sammy rash
20. promise, - Fay Wildhagen
21. Back To You - Jake Cornell
22. butterfly effect - demo - Sophie Holohan
23. Begin Again - Rose Cousins
24. Someone You Love - Luca
25. you ruined phoebe bridgers - Anya Gupta
26. Rain For Christmas - Abe Parker

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