Mixcast 20.3 – Do Right

March's playlist is a Jazz Genre Playlist. With music from: Casey Abrams, Ibrahim Maalouf, Alexis Cohen, Andy Jordan, Ron Fields & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Why Don't You Do Right? - Casey Abrams
2. Gin & Jazz - Andy Jordan
3. Festival Grease - Snorre Kirk
4. Mean To Me - Blue Shoes Duo
5. Sangfroid - Infinity Ripple
6. Snow Keeps Falling - Ronald & the Fairies
7. After You've Gone - Bleecker Jazz Duo
8. Infant Eyes - Alexis Cohen
9. Willow Weep For Me - Tony Ballantine
10. Catcher - Hara Noda
11. Days of Wine and Roses - Harper Pepe
12. Blue Spaces - Oakwood Station
13. Black Orpheus - Stephen Rogerson
14. The Nearness Of You - The Sunday Duo
15. All The Things You Are - David Fitzpatrick Trio
16. S3NS - Ibrahim Maalouf
17. Tenderly - Carl Clementine
18. Don't Go To Stranges - Ron Fields
19. Moonsteps - Dorothy Mckenzie
20. Misty - Sofia Rojic
21. In Her Eyes - Gilbert Cox
22. How Was I Supposed to Know - Renata Ortega
23. Everything Happens To Me - Lisa Lugar

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