Mixcast 21.9 - Fading Out

September's playlist is a Mellow Genre Playlist. With music from: Chet Faker, New West, Blakey, Mokita, Hazlett & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Fading - Colouring
2. Walking Home to You - Nick Leng
3. Starting Over - The Shadowboxer
4. Balenciaga - New West
5. Mountain - M. Byrd
6. You Might Think - Sons of the East
7. If I Go - Blakey
8. All That Was - Stray Fossa
9. Keep You Warm - Jaguar Sun
10. Low - Chet Faker
11. Hangin Up - Lonely in the Rain
12. Every Colour - Luca Fogale
13. Brilliant Eyes - RYTERBAND
14. Karaoke - Hazlett
15. Jump - Two Another
16. I Like It When You Love Me - Home Tapes
17. Cadillac Dreams - Peter Fenn
18. Would You Still Want Me? - Mokita
19. Everyone - Teen Ravine
20. Letting Go - Ziggy Alberts
21. I Belong to You - Bianco White
22. Alright - Ian Frandsen
23. The Simple Song - Wylen
24. How Can I - Axel Flovent
25. Closer to You - Emmit Fenn
26 - The Parting Glass - Henry Jamison

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