Trackcast Monthly - February 2022

Our picks for best new Indie Rock releases this month. Includes new music from: Troye Sivan, Nothing But Thieves, Kairo, Chris Malinchak, JP Cooper & more!

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1. Life's Coming in Slow - Nothing But Thieves
2. sore - Sipper
3. Premature Love - WizTheMc
4. Trouble - Troye Sivan
5. The Next Day - Chris Malinchak
6. Congratulations - Boyish
7. Grocery Store Girl - Aidan Bissett
8. We Are All We Need - Joywave
9. Clarity - DOE
10. Back To Us - Two Another
11. Radio - JP Cooper
12. Drowning - Jonah Kagen
13. Move Me - half•alive
14. Nintendo - JXN
15. Anything - Voyageur
16. Maybe - Fran Vasilić
17. Hate Me If It Helps - Alexander 23
18. Someone Like You - KAIRO
19. Sweet Home - SYML
20. Furniture - Riley Pearce
21. like you’re god - mehro
22. All Is Well - Hans Williams
23. Drugstore Houses - Garrett Kato
24. When You Look At Me - Sara Kays
25. Ghost In The Night - The Satellite Station

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