Mixcast 19.10 – Feels Right

October's playlist is a Songstress Genre Playlist. With music from: Andra Day, Brittany Howard, Lolo, Sera Cahoone, Dagny & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. In Camera - Yumi Zouma
2. Paris - MXMS
3. Love You Like That - Dagny
4. Falling - LÉON
5. Stay High - Brittany Howard
6. E.G.O. - Lucie Silvas
7. When the Summer Ends - Savoir - Adore
8. Comes & Goes - La Felix
9. SUCKER - Tyzo Bloom
10. Lebanon - J.S. Ondara
11. Deer Creek Canyon - Sera Cahoone
12. Gold - Sister Sparrow
13. Grace - Cyril Hahn
14. Honestly - TS Graye
15. Fallingwater - Maggie Rogers
16. Modern World - Max Jury
17. You've Got Your Whole Life Ahead of You Baby - IDER
18. Ready Yet - Sasha Sloan
19. Not Gonna Let You Walk Away - LOLO
20. American Dream - J.S. Ondara
21. Forever Mine - Andra Day
22. Masquerade - Elina
23. Everything Changes - Rachel Sermanni

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