Mixcast 8.9 – Femme Fatale

September's playlist is a Songstress Genre Playlist. With music from: Adele, Jem, Lykke Li, Laura Marling, Melody Gardot & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Sweet & Lovely (Ticklah Remix) – Sharon Jones
2. Beat Control – Tilly & The Wall
3. You, Me & The Bourgeousie – The Submarines
4. Little Bit – Lykke Li
5. Do You Love Me – Amanda Jenssen
6. Oh Yeah – Stephanie McKay
7. Munkaroo – Alice Russel
8. Crazy – Jem
9. Hard Line – Jill Barber
10. For The Sun – Amanda Jenssen
11. This Is The Life – Amy MacDonald
12. For Every Drop – Sonya Kitchell
13. Emily – The Darlings
14. Let Go – Toby Lightman
15. New Romantic – Laura Marling
16. I Am Mine – Brooke Waggoner
17. So Natural To Love – Toby Lightman
18. Amarula Tree – Amanda Jenssen
19. High Shelf Booze – Eilen Jewell
20. Dance With Me – Nouvelle Vague
21. Hometown Glory – Adele
22. Little Lies – Anna Ternheim
23. Crazy English Summer – Zoe Johnston
24. Worrisome Heart – Melody Gardot

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