Mixcast 21.7 - Get Away

July's playlist is a Summer Genre Playlist. With music from: Harpoon, Gorgon City, Sunnery James, Petit Biscuit, Devault & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Night Drive - Splithoff
2. Don't Give Up - Groove Armada
3. Summer - WILD
4. You Need Love - Eklo
5. Cinematic Love - DuO
6. Luv(drunk) - Conro
7. Painkiller - Joe Killington
8. You've Done Enough - Gorgon City
9. Diamonds (Paul Lock Remix) - Pete Bellis & Tommy
10. Addicted to You - T. Matthias
11. Promises - Yann Muller
12. Gold - PRAANA
13. I Want You - MR TOUT LE MONDE
14. Call on Me - Sj, Meg & Dia
15. Somebody - Will Omit
16. Leave Me Low - Devault
17. Enjoying the View - Harpoon
18. Life After You - Sunnery James
19. Settle - Dezza
20. About You - NVRT
21. Higher - Roman Muller
22. Getaway - Josephy Milauskas
23. Drivin Thru the Night - Petit Biscuit

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