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February's playlist is a Romance Genre Playlist. With music from: Kodaline, Geographer, John K, Jacob Collier & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Wrap Around Me - XY&O
2. Alibi - Geographer
3. Magic - Jordan Mackampa
4. Siv - ViVii
5. Wherever You Are - Kodaline
6. I Can't Stop Thinking About You - The Shadowboxers
7. Holding You Close - Ryan Pulford
8. Crush On You - Nic Handon
9. Can't Stop Loving You (Poolside Remix) - M-22
10. One Night - Two Another
11. How It Was - Yoste
12. Favorite Place - Humbear
13. Just Say Something - Nathan Ball
14. Wake Up With You - Emerson Leif
15. Next To You - John Vincent III
16. Cold Hands - Arctic Lake
17. Words That We Said - C. James
18. If We Never Met - John K
19. Caroline - Old Sea Brigade
20. You In My Life - Ed Patrick
21. Get To You - David Blazer
22. The Sun Is In Your Eyes - Jacob Collier
23. Love Me - Smeyeul

Members Only Playlist

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