Mixcast 13.1 – Getting Cozy

January's playlist is a Chillout Genre Playlist. With music from: Grand National, Gillespie, Waldeck, Rose Smith, The Dining Rooms & more!

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I came across the Supperclub Music Collection while browsing through a cool music store in Amsterdam a couple years ago. After listening to all of the albums, I picked these as my favorite downtempo songs. I might make a more upbeat lounge mix from this same album series in the future as there were that many good tunes to pick from.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. I Changed My Mind – Lyrics Born & The Poets of Rhythm
2. Soul Vibration – J-Walk
3. Addicted – Waldeck
4. Peanut Dreams – Grand National
5. No Jive – De-Phazz
6. Focus On Sight – Thievery Corporation
7. Life Changes – Rose Smith
8. Oblique – Gillespie
9. Angels – Wax Poetic ft. Norah Jones
10. The Killer and The Chicken – Geb.el
11. Nevermore – Funky Lowlives
12. M. Dupont – The Dining Rooms
13. My Favourite Moment – Alex Cortiz
14. String Vibe – Plastyc Buddha
15. Move On – Sounds from the Ground
16. Na Na’s Waltz – Aqua Bassino
17. No Goodbye – Water

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