Mixcast 13.11 – Gone Away

November's playlist is a Mellow Genre Playlist. With music from: Andrew Bird, Calexico, Radical Face, Brolin, Dolorean & more!

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People come and go throughout life. It’s sad when friendships fade and people pass away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t “miss their face like hell.”

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Rivers & Roads – The Head And The Heart
2. Fortune Teller – Calexico
3. Run – Daughter
4. Ends Of The Earth – Lord Huron
5. Three White Horses – Andrew Bird
6. When I Met Death – Right Away, Great Captain!
7. Every Night – Josef Salvat
8. Winter Ghosts – JBM
9. Waiting – Alice Boman
10. If I Go, I’m Goin – Gregory Alan Isakov
11. What Could You Do – Dolorean
12. Shadow Of The Sun – Taped Rai
13. Another Year – Brolin
14. Actors – Still Parade
15. Missing Parts – Jeff Pianki
16. Snaggletooth – Vance Joy
17. Hey Now – London Grammar
18. Ghost – Folly & The Hunter
19. I Am Aware – Right Away, Great Captain!
20. I Have Made Mistakes – The Oh Hello’s
21. All Is Well – Radical Face

Members Only Playlist

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