Mixcast 10.10 – Gramatikally Korrect

October's playlist exclusively features Gramatik!

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I’ve been keeping a secret. But as everyone knows, good secrets are hard to keep to yourself. I have a ton of music in my library, but the artist who occupies the most space is Gramatik. He’s a European producer who lists his musical genre as electronica evolved from funk, soul, jazz, & blues.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Cool Thieves
2. A Bright Day (Gramatik’s Phat Cut Remix)
3. The Swing of Justice
4. Take It Back
5. Muy Tranquilo
6. In This Whole World
7. Shaft Funk
8. I’m Free
9. Tearin’ It Up
10. Loungin’
11. The Prophet (Version 2.0)
12. Swucca Chust
13. Flip the Script
14. The Anthem
15. U R the One
16. Smooth While Raw
17. Afternoon Soul
18. External Love Yet So Evasive
19. Late Night Jazz

Members Only Playlist

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