Mixcast 11.2 – Honey Bear

February's playlist is a Romance Genre Playlist. With music from: Joshua Radin, Brooke Fraser, Julia Stone, Matt White, Patrick Wolf & more!

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A good love song is hard to pull off. But when one of them connects just right, I can’t help but smile when I hear it. Here are twenty five love songs that make me happy. I hope they make your day a little sweeter too.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Your Love Gets Sweeter – Finley Quaye
2. If It Hadn’t Been For Love – Adele
3. If Not For You – Pete Lawrie
4. Movie Loves A Screen – April Smith and the Great Picture Show
5. You Always Make Me Smile – Kyle Andrews
6. Bloom – The Veils
7. Harry and Bess – Ferraby Lionheart
8. Bonfires – Rosie and Me
9. Under The Pavement, The Beach – Deportees
10. Something In The Water – Brooke Fraser
11. We Got It All – Right The Stars
12. I Hope This Gets To You – The Daylights
13. When U Love Somebody – The Fruit Bats
14. Heart To Tell – The Love Language
15. The City – Patrick Wolf
16. Dreamin’ – Feldberg
17. Antidote – The Boat People
18. The Secret Sun – Jesse Harris
19. Sal Paradise – Ruth Bewsey
20. Beautiful Situation – Drake White
21. Love – Matt White
22. Love You Now – Madi Diaz
23. You Got What I Need – Joshua Radin
24. This Love – Julia Stone
25. Out of Love – David Myles

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