Trackcast Monthly - January 2021

Our picks for best new Indie Rock releases this month. Includes new music from: Passenger, Wet, Joshua Radin, Gorgon City, Benny Blanco & more!

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1. New Wave - Bow Anderson
2. buzz cut (feat. MisterWives) - lovelytheband
3. Go Back Now (feat. Beacon) - Jerro
4. You've Done Enough - Gorgon City
5. I Feel High (with DRAMA) - Poolside
6. Oh, Miles - Lane 8
7. Feelz - Bay Ledges
8. Remember - Jake Isaac
9. Day by Day - Old Sea Brigade
10. what's the point? - beaux
11. Better Life - Joshua Radin
12. Blame - Ryland James
13. Solid Gold Love - Sultan + Shepard
14. Natsu - lōland
15. You (with Marshmello & Vance Joy) - benny blanco
16. Hope - Arlo Parks
17. Sword from the Stone - Passenger
18. Edge Of The Dark - Emmit Fenn
19. Bitter - Blakey
20. Pass Me By - Peter Fenn
21. Where I'm Going - Wet
22. The Parting Glass (feat. Darlingside) - Henry Jamison
23. You Stay by the Sea - Axel Flóvent

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