Trackcast Monthly - June 2021

Our picks for best new Indie Rock releases this month. Includes new music from: Cold War Kids, Kaskade, Jasmine Thompson, Greyson Chance & more!

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1. One Night Away - ARTY
2. Hot N Heavy - Jessie Ware
3. Radon Dungeon - Terrell Hines
4. Are You Ready - The Allergies
5. Feet Don't Fail Me Now - Joy Crookes
6. High On Beat - Jan Blomqvist
7. What You Say - Cold War Kids
8. dancing in the kitchen - LANY
9. Summertime - The Dunwells
10. Wasted - Lonely in the Rain
11. Holiday - KSI
12. Dial Tones (Voicemail) - The Lagoons
13. Nobody - Greyson Chance
14. Flicker - Remix - The Loft Club
15. Where Did You Go - Kaskade
16. Shade of Yellow - Griff
17. The Good - Cynthia Erivo
18. Moon - Jonah Kagen
19. Tender Organs - Amythyst Kiah
20. Get Down - Camel Power Club Edit - Camel Power Club
21. already there - Jasmine Thompson
22. Head On - José González
23. Cloud 9 - Paravi

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