Mixcast 13.7 – Keep Moving

July's playlist is an Indie Rock Genre Playlist. With music from: Empire of the Sun, Smallpools, San Cisco, Lemaitre, Saint Raymond & more!

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Not every song should be a straight forward guitar and drum arrangement. Here are some of my favorite slightly offbeat tunes that each have their own unique digital influence.

Mixcast Tracklist
1. New York – Urban Cone
2. World On Fire – The Royal Concept
3. Dark Again – Gold Fields
4. Move – Pacific Air
5. Magic – Olympic Ayres
6. Alive – Empire of the Sun
7. Dannyboy – Youngblood Hawke
8. Ages Places – Wildlife Control
9. We’re Coming Up – For The Foxes
10. Pumpin Blood – NONONO
11. Beach House – Disaster in the Universe
12. In The Water – Swiss Lips
13. Continuum – Lemaitre
14. Dreaming – Smallpools
15. Elevate – St. Lucia
16. Everything She Wants – Saint Raymond
17. Fred Astaire – San Cisco
18. Secret Place – Hospital
19. Carry On – The Electric Sons
20. Ready To Go – Guards
21. LA Calling – Crystal Fighters

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