Mixcast 17.5 – Let’s Roll

May's playlist is a Hip-Hop Genre Playlist. With music from: Goldlink, Far East Movement, Huey Mack, Billy Davis, Jay Prince & more!

Note: Members with a paid subscription can access full Spotify playlist below.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Roll Up - B.o.B.
2. NO CD - Loyle Carner
3. Hard Twelve - Beat Assailant
4. Hip-Hop Quotables - Lady Paradox
5. Survive - L-FRESH The LION
6. Heatwave - Huey Mack
7. Summatime - GoldLink
8. La Life - Caye
9. Sorrows - BLESSED
10. Ball and Chain - Billy Davis
11. My Star - Tuka
12. Chicago - Win and Woo
13. The Coast - Far East Movement
14. Heard Em Say - Mz Boom Bap
15. The Isle of Arran - Loyle Carner
16. I Believe in You - Jay Prince
17. Sit Back - The Mouse Outfit
18. Chiefin - Rapta
19. Le temps pass - Kacem Wapalek
20. Be About You - WInston Surfshirt
21. Dreamin' Of Days - Lady Paradox
22. Navajo - Masego

Members Only Playlist

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