Mixcast 13.9 – Lightbulb Breaking

September's playlist is an Indie Rock Genre Playlist. With music from: The 1975, Bronx, Two Door Cinema Club, Magic Man, Chela & more!

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If I was programming a radio station, this is what I’d have in heavy rotation right now. Don’t worry, the radio stations will probably start playing these same songs next fall.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Heart Out – The 1975
2. On Our Way – The Royal Concept
3. LA Calling – Crystal Fighters
4. Mister, Mister – Bronze Radio Return
5. Caaalifornia – French Horn Rebellion
6. Leeward Side – Josh Pyke
7. St. Ides Heaven – Goldroom
8. Let Go – RAC
9. Waves – Magic Man
10. Radio – The Royal Concept
11. LA Love – Fenech-Soler
12. Inside Of Me – Montmarte
13. I’ll Be Loving You – Bronx
14. Romanticise – Chela
15. Fix This – The Colourist
16. The Hum – Dan Griffin
17. Changing Of The Seasons – Two Door Cinema Club
18. It’s Not Over – Panama
19. Just One Day – Mighty Oaks
20. Goodbye – Rocket & The Ghost

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