Trackcast Monthly - March 2022

Our picks for best new Indie Rock releases this month. Includes new music from: Weezer, COIN, The Black Keys, Celeste, Baird & more!

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1. Killing Me - COIN
2. Tick Tock - Boza
3. A Little Bit of Love - Weezer
4. Remind Me - Tom Grennan
5. Backboard - Baird
6. Marathon - KAWALA
7. Anything But Me - MUNA
8. Standing - Young Rising Sons
9. One I Need - Two Another
10. Take It Easy - Jensen McRae
11. Wild Child - The Black Keys
12. Believe - Caamp
13. Too Late (To Call) - Ruby Red
14. I See Love in Every Color - The Guest and the Host
15. Shine - Elaine
16. Somebody Like You - Bree Runway
17. Astral Projection - Yumi Zouma
18. Control - Chris Malinchak
19. To Be Relied On - Jessie Reid
20. You're Almost There - ASTN
21. Secrets - Garrett Kato
22. Nostalgia - Riley Pearce
23. Far Side of the World - Holden Miller
24. To Love A Man - Celeste

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