Mixcast 19.2 – Met Someone

February's playlist is a Romance Genre Playlist. With music from: Vance Joy, Father John Misty, Zayn, Lost Frequencies, Maya Jane Coles & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Saturday Sun - Vance Joy
2. ABC - Chad Valley
3. City Dream - Axel Flóvent
4. Real Love Baby - Father John Misty
5. Yours to Keep - Jordan Mackampa
6. Lost and Found - Eklo
7. Days Move Easy - Chase McBride
8. Little Giant - Roo Panes
9. Give Me Tonight - Dustin Tebutt
10. You - Glimmer of Blooms
11. Like I Love You - Lost Frequencies
12. Run Away With Me - Flyboy
13. Who We Are - Tep No
14. Space For Us - Wingtip
15. Let Me - ZAYN
16. Old School Turntables - Matt DiMona
17. The One - Nick Broadhurst
18. When I'm In Love - Maya Jane Coles
19. Closer - Majik
20. Shoud I - Arum Rae
21. Choose You Twice. - Ben Zaidi

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