Trackcast Monthly - November 2021

Our picks for best new Indie Rock releases this month. Includes new music from: Charli XCX, Leon Bridges, The Lumineers, Flight Facilities, NOTD & more!

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1. 3D Feelings - Alfie Templeman
2. Pressure - Julian Lamadrid
3. Blondes - Blu DeTiger
4. Never A Good Time - NOTD
5. Until I Come Home - Two Feet
6. AA - Walker Hayes
7. Time Machine - AREA21
8. New Shapes - Charli XCX
9. Strawberry Kisses - Thomas Headon
10. Something Beautiful - Stripped - Tom Walker
11. Do It Again (feat. Youngr) - El Mukuka
12. Stay (feat. Your Smith) - Flight Facilities
13. rocket science - vaultboy
14. Country as Fuck - Paul Cauthen
15. Brad Pitt - MØ
16. Face Down In The Moment - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
17. bones - Camylio
18. A.M. RADIO - The Lumineers
19. Here - Shallou
20. Summer Rain - Leon Bridges
21. You're Gone - Two Another
22. Malibu - SRTW
23. Follow Me Into The Dark - Hajaj
24. Feel - with Kyson - YUUL
25. Fall in Love with You. - Montell Fish

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