Trackcast Monthly - October 2020

Our picks for best new Indie Rock releases this month. Includes new music from: Leisure, Celeste, Role Model, Noah Gundersen, The Knocks & more!

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1. All About You (feat. Foster The People) - The Knocks
2. Love Spells - POORSTACY
3. Self Care (with COIN) - Louis The Child
4. Searching For The Light - VHS Collection
5. ALL I KNOW - Gia Woods
6. Think I'm Crazy - Two Feet
7. 1,000,000 X Better - Griff
8. You and Me - Otis Junior
9. Lie Like This - Julia Michaels
10. Whose Arms (feat. Sofia Reyes) - Stephen Puth
11. alive - ROLE MODEL
12. Eye 2 Eye - LEISURE
13. Fake - Lauv
14. Paradise (feat. Dermot Kennedy) - MEDUZA
15. Over & Out - Jordan Mackampa
16. Ready Yet - Mokita
17. cheap sunglasses - John K
18. Affection - Fiji Blue
19. Pride (with mxmtoon) - Noah Kahan
20. Hear My Voice - Celeste
21. Drawing Out The Line - Noah Gundersen
22. Pretty - Col3trane
23. Detour - Ainslie Wills
24. Storm In My Head - Rhys Lewis
25. Falling Apart - LÉON

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