Mixcast 12.11 – One Day

November's playlist is a Mellow Genre Playlist. With music from: Perfume Genius, Milo Greene, Sea Wolf, Michael Kiwanuka, Shout Out Louds & more!

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One of the most popular indie soundtracks of all time has to be Garden State”. I think this mix could top it if the next Zach Braff discovered it. Or maybe it’s simply up to me to become the next Zach Braff…

Mixcast Tracklist

1. I Will Be Back One Day – Lord Huron
2. Bayonne – Little Comets
3. Don’t You Give Up On Me – Milo Greene
4. Changing Seasons – Sea Wolf
5. You’re Out Wasting – Andy Shauf
6. Let Her Go – Passenger
7. This Innocent – Jonquil
8. Time Keep Dripping – Emil Lager
9. Hood – Perfume Genius
10. In The Open – Benjamin Francis Leftwich
11. Holland – Cold Specks
12. Never Lock The Door – The Magic
13. I’ll Sing You A Song – Tyler Lyle
14. Blue Ice – Shout Out Louds
15. Brother – Lord Huron
16. In The Yard – Del Water Gap
17. Feather On The Clyde – Passenger
18. Soon Soon – Praything
19. Home Again – Michael Kiwanuka
20. Live In Dreams – High Highs
21. Full Moon Rising – Neil Halstead

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