Mixcast 22.7 - Only One

July's playlist is our annual Summertime genre playlist.

With new music from: Roosevelt, The Knocks, Jr Jr, Clammy Hands & more.

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1. Weird Vibes - Limón Limón
2. Good Old Days (Classixx Remix) - JR JR
3. Feel Something - Joshua Bassett
4. See You Again - Roosevelt
5. The Long Way - Mark Ambor
6. Told You So - Nathan Evans
7. River (feat. Parson James) - The Knocks
8. In the Dark - Purple Disco Machine
9. Goodbye - LP
10. Broken (Rezidential Remix) - Alfie Templeman
11. Adored - Nissim Black
12. Body - Elderbrook
13. Summertime - The Dunwells
14. Love Love - Two Friends
15. Colors - Thunder Jackson
16. Better With You - ayokay
17. Favourite Song - Tim Chadwick
18. California, Pt. I - Godford
19. Summer Feeling (Acoustic) - Matoma
20. Desert Sun - Nabes
21. In Time - Jad Alexander
22. Get Down (Camel Power Club Edit) - Camel Power Club
23. i feel alive woo yeh - Clammy Hands
24. that's how it goes - Dalton Mauldin
25. Don't Look Back - EMBRZ

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