Mixcast 18.4 – Only Way

April's playlist is a Folk Genre Playlist. With music from: Brandi Carlile, Bob Weir, James McMurtry, The Devil Makes Three, Uncle Lucius & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Go Back - Dalingside
2. Easy Come Easy Go - Great Lake Swimmers
3. Drunken Hearted Man - The Devil Makes Three
4. 1922 - Phil Cook
5. The Light - Uncle Lucius
6. Days to Come - Davey Allen
7. Under the Hood - OJR
8. Engine Trouble - The Last Revel
9. Universal Sound - Tyler Childers
10. Biloxi - Hiss Golden Messenger
11. Gonesville - Bob Weir
12. Bad Company - Kayla Schureman
13. Green Grass of California - The Band of Heathens
14. Just a Little Weed - Flying Buffaloes
15. Jenny of the Roses - Hiss Golden Messenger
16. The Eye - Brandi Carlile
17. Blind in the Fray - The Last Revel
18. All I Found - Cordovas
19. Rosalyn - Twin Bandit
20. Ain't Got a Place - James McMurtry
21. Berlin - Gill Landry
22. Goin' Through the Motions - Chris Zahnder
23. Hey Stranger - Mandolin Orange

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