Mixcast 16.12 – Only Yesterday

December's playlist is a Mellow Genre Playlist. With music from: Kidnap, Majik, Urban Cone, Haux, Kyson & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Crystal Ball - Community Radio
2. Tides - Swimming Tapes
3. Coastline - North Elements
4. Seaside - Haux
5. Halfway to Nowhere - Chelou
6. Love's Gone - Haarlo
7. All Lost - Jack Grace
8. Don't Talk About You - Geowulf
9. Circles - MDWS
10. Pictures - Kyson
11. Moments - Kidnap
12. Weekends (Feki Remix) - Urban Cone
13. Kill It - Delamere
14. Fire - Surfalot
15. Small Crimes - Nilüfer Yanya
16. It's Alright - Majik
17. What You Desire - Daggy Man
18. Cheer Up, My Brother - HNNY
19. Letting In - Beauville
20. Love Somebody - Ta-ku
21. Her Life - Two Feet

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