Mixcast 14.2 – Remember You

February's playlist is a Romance Genre Playlist. With music from: Passenger, Allen Stone, Mutemath, Rudimental, Donavon Frankenreiter & more!

Note: Members with a paid subscription can access full Spotify playlist below.

My annual Indie Valentine’s Day mixcast provides a great soundtrack for a night in with those you love.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Always (Classixx Remix) – Panama
2. Luna – Bombay Bicycle Club
3. Wait For Love – St. Lucia
4. Be Your Man – Ivan & Alyosha
5. Breeze – Paul Otten
6. Blue Skies – Laura Hill
7. Girl Like You – Donavon Frankenreiter
8. Stay Coloured – I Know The Chief
9. Say So – Allen Stone
10. Do You Want Me Now – Fierce Bad Rabbit
11. You & I – Crystal Fighters
12. Gotta Get You – Lowing
13. Someone – We Have A Band
14. Nothing Is Anything (Without You) – Wintersleep
15. I’ll Wait For You – Lowing
16. Back To You – Twin Forks
17. Kidnap Me – Cruiser
18. It Was Good – Les Enfants
19. Waiting All Night – Rudimental
20. In No Time (Pierce Fulton Remix) – Mutemath
21. Patient Love – Passenger
22. Find Love – Prince Of Spain

Members Only Playlist

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