Mixcast 14.9 – Setting Suns

September's playlist is an Indie Rock Genre Playlist. With music from: NEEDTOBREATHE, Bad Suns, Kishi Bashi, Ayer, Lemaitre & more!

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As summer winds down and the days grow shorter, I’ve still been trying to sneak in as many twilight walks home as possible. These are the songs that often accompany my three mile walk through the hilly streets of San Francisco.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Rahh! – Pepa Knight
2. Feathertips – Waterstrider
3. Uma – Panama Wedding
4. Paradise Waiting – Vacationer
5. Juramidam – Nick Mulvey
6. Bricks – The Luck
7. Speak Up – The Van Doos
8. Skipping Stone – Good For Grapes
9. Everyone’s A Sinner – Heimatt
10. The Ballad of Mr. Steak – Kishi Bahsi
11. Peter – Yellowire
12. Do You Wanna – Paper Lions
13. Day By Day – Sons Et Al.
14. Happiest Man On Earth – Broken Back
15. High Tide – Lemaitre
16. Transpose – Bad Suns
17. While The City Sleeps – Silver Street
19. Break My Fall – Golden Coast
20. Low Winter Sun – Kid Canaveral
21. Harrison Ford – Some Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin
22. Circle Down – Ayer

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