Mixcast 19.6 – Slip Away

June's playlist is an Indie Rock Genre Playlist. With music from: Vampire Weekend, Tourist, Hudson Thames, Lany, Duck House & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. 6's to 9's - Big Wild
2. Sleepwalking - Tourist
4. Coasting - Ten Fé
5. This Life - Vampire Weekend
6. Find Yourself (Disero Remix) - Great Good Fine Ok
7. Dead Boys - Sam Fender
8. Forgotten Kids - Callum Pitt
9. Happy Man - Jungle
10. Cinderella - L'aupaire
11. Double Take - Fort Frances
12. Bones - Meth Dad
13. Gimme - Hudson Thames
14. Not a One - The Young Wild
15. Afterhours - CLAYE
16. i'm so tired... - Lauv
17. Years - BAYNK
18. Flaw - Duck House
19. Thereforeyou - warner case
20. okay - LANY
21. End Like This - Ryhs Lewis
22. Keep Your Close - FRENSHIP

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