Mixcast 20.9 - Small Talkers

September's playlist is a Songstress Genre Playlist. With music from: Candace, Jill Andrews, Yumi Zouma, Elina, Munroe & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Daydreamer - Aurora
2. Sober (Jarreau Vandal Remix) - Mahalia
3. Foundations - Kolidescopes
4. Cold Hands - Arctic Lake
5. Elevation - Fabich
6. Make Us Never Happen - SHY Martin
7. Giving Up On - Ekkah
8. Real - Punctual
9. DM-100 - Candace
10. More Than You Know - Fenne Lily
11. Turntable - Dead Horses
12. Come to You - Wet
13. A Drive Through the Countryside - Lowland Hum
14. Pharmakon - Humbird
15. Another Round - Elina
16. Wreak Havoc - Munroe
17. Sage - Yumi Zouma
18. Normal - Katie Pruitt
19. Does Anybody Know - Jade Bird
20. Sorry Now - Jill Andrews
21. Anything for Me - Treasureseason
22. See You There - Sea Changer
23. Smiling When I Die - Sasha Sloan

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