Mixcast 19.11 – Somebody New

November's playlist is an Indie Rock Genre Playlist. With music from: Island, Kurt Vile, Gregory Alan Isakov, Darlingside, Mountains of the Moon & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. I Wonder - Bay Ledges
2. Swing Swing - ayokay
3. Chateau - Angus & Julia Stone
4. Spend Some Time - Jackson Breit
5. Karma - Stillwater Sound
6. Paradise Bay - Darlingside
7. Golden Hour - Matthew Pinder
8. One Trick Ponies - Kurt Vile
9. Takes Some Time - The Brummies
10. Everybody Loves You - APRE
11. Try - ISLAND
12. I Don't Want This Job - Zach Winters
13. Have My Back - Kyson
14. Growing Pains - Manatee Commune
15. Caterpillar - Mountains of the Moon
16. Isle of Strawberries - Edwin Raphael
17. Murmur of Yearning - Thomas Csorba
18 Come on Violet - Mons Vi
19. you only live once - isaac gracie
20. The Stable Song - Gregory Alan Isakov
21. Star - Allah-Las

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