Mixcast 15.7 – Summer High

July's playlist is a Summertime Genre Playlist. With music from: Passion Pit, Galantis, Little Giants, Basement Jaxx, Penguin Prison & more!

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I hope the Summer of 2015 is treating you well. Here are my annual nominations for Indie Electro song of the summer. What’s your pick? What did I miss?

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Classic – The Knocks
2. Hot Skin – Sam Feldt
3. Talk Talk (Moon Boots Remix) – George Maple
4. You Were Right – RÜFÜS DU SOL
5. Lean On – Major Lazer x DJ Snake
6. Gold Dust (Hook N Sling Remix) – Galantis
7. Lifted Up (1985) – Passion Pit
8. Show Me The Way – Penguin Prison
9. Holiday (Keljet Remix) – That’s Nice
10. Lover – Chet Faker x WKND
11. Not This Time – The 2 Bears
12. Ocean Drive – Duke Dumont
13. Cape Town (Panama Remix) – Clubfeet
14. One Thing (Nora En Pure Remix) – Me & My Toothbrush
15. Cinema (Neutre Remix) – Samuel
16. Lighters (Tontario Remix) – Tom & Hills
17. Unicorn (Man & Woman Remix) – Basement Jaxx
18. Lately (Love, Love, Love) – Little Giants
19. Another Go Round – Beat Connection

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