Mixcast 10.2 – Sweet Hearts

February's playlist is a Romance Genre Playlist. With music from: Florence and the Machine, Ray Lamontagne, The xx, Kina Grannis, Joshua James & more!

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My music library was filling up with sweet songs that didn’t taste right with my other mixes. So instead, I’ve put them all together in one big sugary snack for you. If you’re in a lovey dovey mood, it’s a delicious treat. If not, you may want to wait until you get your sweet tooth back.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Clean White Love – Lisa Mitchell
2. This Sweet Love – James Yuill
3. Zorbing – Stornoway
4. July Flame – Laura Veirs
5. 2 People (2009 Rework) – Jean Jacques Smoothie
6. Radar Detector – Darwin Deez
7. Broke My Eyes – Donkeyboy
8. You Can Be The One – Late Night Alumni
9. Hey, Soul Sister – Train
10. Cosmic Love – Florence And The Machine
11. One Day – Jack Savoretti
12. Valentine – Kina Grannis
13. In The Middle – Joshua James
14. Islands – The xx
15. More Than Life – Whitley
16. Let It Be Me – Ray LaMontagne
17. Before I Knew – Basia Bulat
18. By Your Side – My Robot Friend
19. When I Go – Slow Club
20. Into The Mystery – Mcgowan
21. Without – Jack Savorettti
22. Same Old Lines – Rod Thomas

Members Only Playlist

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