Mixcast 20.7 – Teenage Dream

July's playlist is an Indie Rock Genre Playlist. With music from: Kygo, Captain Kidd, Pomo, The Knocks, Great Good Fine Ok & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Autopilot (Kevin Palms Remix) - Tep No
2. Intoxicated - Pomo
3. The Outfield (Roosevelt Remix) - The Night Game
4. Ride or Die (Purple Disco Machine Remix) - The Knocks
5. Go With It - Oliver
6. Freedom - Kygo
7. Summer Love (Summer Remix) - Cub Sport
8. Still Think About It - Y.V.E. 48
9. Everybody's Lonely - Goldroom
10. Breathe, Be Happy - Tep No
11. Falling Out - Golden Features
12. One More Teim - Jacqaues Renault
13. Holding On (Qrion Remix) - Dugong Jr.
14. Automatic (The Oddness Remix) - Satin Jackets
15. Home Tonight - Quentyn
16. Summer Luv (Chrome Sparks Remix) - Whethan
17. The Rope (Le Youth Remix) - Lane 8
18. Easy - Great Good Fine Ok
19. Wild - Captain Kidd
20. Pale Sun Rose - FDVM

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