Mixcast 21.3 - Too Much

March's playlist is a Trip-Hop Genre Playlist. With music from: Melody Gardot, Franz, Flofilz, Eddie Harper, Sal Ritter & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Little Bit - Franz
2. Bluesen - Svaneborg Kardyb
3. Softly - Sal Ritter
4. The Source - 7apes
5. Snooze - Aylior
6. Notes - Hazy Year
7. Ivebeentryin' FloFilz
8. Anxiety - Zmeyev
9. Dreamin' - Hara Noda
10. If You Love Me - Melody Gardot
11. Blue in Green - Hudson Harris
12. Litania - Sparrow & Bird
13. Castles in the Air - Laura & Anton
14. Ages Ago - Ennio Máno
15. Walking on Clouds - Holborns
16. Chimes - Duponte et Duponte
17. Gamla Stan - Jabob Gurevitsch
18. Never Let Me Go - Alexander Martin Jazz Trio
19. Windless Days - Eddie Harper
20. Silent Dreams - The City of Birches
21. Lost in Orbit - Dan Evans-Parker
22. Lower East Side - Duponte et Duponte

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