Mixcast 8.6 – Top Down

June's playlist is an Indie Rock Genre Playlist. With music from: Rodrigo y Gabriela, Duffy, Serge Gainsbourg, Outlines, Marlena Shaw & more!

Note: Members with a paid subscription can access full Spotify playlist below.

An hour of great tunes for cruising your favorite part of town with your top down!

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Just A Lil’ Lovin’ – Outlines
2. Squeeze Me – Kraak & Smaak feat. Ben Westbeech
3. Boogie – The Brand New Heavies
4. Duffy – Mercy
5. Chez Les Yé-Yé’s (Minimatic Remix) – Serge Gainsbourg
6. California Soul (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix) – Marlena Shaw
7. Take Three – Club Des Belugas
8. Loved, Sunshine and Happiness – Salmonella Dub
9. What Is Jazz? (Tape Five Remix) – Club Des Belugas
10. And The Living Is Easy! (The Dynamics Remix) – The Guts
11. Lovely Day Inside – Mo’ Horizons
12. Keep An Eye On Love – Zeep
13. Diablo Rojo – Rodrigo y Gabriela
14. Deep In It – St. Germain
15. It’s A Beautiful Day – Club Des Belugas
16. Pushing On – Freddie Cruger

Members Only Playlist

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