Mixcast 17.8 – Under Sunlight

August's playlist is a Summertime Genre Playlist. With music from: Kygo, DJ Snake, 3LAU, DVBBS, Bakermat & more!

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Mixcast Tracklist

1. Champagne & Sunshine (Ellusive Remix) - PLVTINUM
2. Ivory - Tez Cadey
3. Let Me Love You - DJ Snake
4. Close to You - GAMPER & DADONI
5. Kids (Seeb Remix) - OneRepublic
6. Games Continued - Bakermat
7. Stay - Kygo
8. Fakin It - Kaskade
9. Phone Down (Evan Berg Remix) - Lost Kings
10. Love in Ruins - Gryffin
11. I Feel So Bad - Kungs
12. Coastline - Steve Kroeger
13. Rearview - AU8UST
14. Doubt - Shallou
15. Bones - StayLoose
16. Hear Me Now - Alok
17. Talk About Me - Justin Caruso
18. On My Mind - 3LAU
19. Call Me (Alex Adair Remix) - NEIKED
20. Generationwhy - ZHU
21. Over You - Dyrisk
22. Get Closer (Joe Mason Remix) - XYLØ
23. Not Going Home - DVBBS

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